With over 15 years working with leaders and teams in the financial, technology, and academic sectors, Cynthia Greenfield helps businesses develop strategies that build stronger relationships and create organizational growth during disruption and transition as a result of a merger, acquisition, change in management, or expansion. Her goal is to inspire positive motivation, eliminate obstacles, and help move people and businesses forward purposefully and collaboratively.

Working with executive teams and individuals, Cynthia focuses on the power of intention, thoughtful action, and accountability that drives and delivers meaningful results. She believes that clear communication, confidence and productivity can be inspired if nurtured in a trusted partnership. Together, Cynthia and clients dream big, set goals, navigate obstacles, and build a roadmap to a complete and fulfilling life.

“As a partner, my role is to create a safe space for people to feel trusted and supported where they can self-reflect and share what they want to do differently in their lives and in the workplace. I bring no agenda or bias, and success is defined by the individual, leader, or team.”

In her spare time, Cynthia enjoys spending time with her family and is an outdoor enthusiast. Traveling for pleasure is a welcome hobby and she is also a self-proclaimed gourmand; cooking and sharing good food with family and friends whenever she can.