Cynthia takes a deeply personal approach to working with individuals, executives and teams, often during times of great transition and change, and guides them through self-evaluation and goal-setting to create a realistic roadmap to success.

Cynthia specializes in three scenarios:

  • 1x1 coaching with a manager or leader within an organization

  • Individual coaching for a business owner or professional

  • Team coaching that focuses on techniques designed for the benefit of employees and clients

“Introducing an unbiased third party to help you and your business can be liberating. We all have thoughts that never find an audience. Having an outlet to share those thoughts and ideas in an organized, constructive, collaborative environment is empowering for an individual and invaluable for a business.”



“Working with Cynthia over the past decade has influenced how I approach people management. She has helped me successfully create and nurture a strong, positive work culture in two companies on opposite coasts simultaneously, she’s a fantastic sounding board for introducing new concepts and ideas, and she builds deep trust with people at all levels of an organization.” - Greg Friedman